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060812-DI12015VB-PROP_Page_13Lisa Rodden originaria de Sydney con delicados cortes en el papel plasma obras asombrosas que solo ella logra, la identifican la pulcritud de su trabajo, lo dedicada a su única y verdadera pasión; para hacer estas obras toma como inspiración sus viajes y todo lo que la rodea, simplemente es darse cuenta que cada cosa en este planeta está en el por algo, cumpliendo una función y hay que saber apreciarlo.

008. 20120806 research

060812-DI12015VB-PROP_Page_21Hanging Light
A Pendant light that literally hangs from its electrical cord. When illuminated the colour of the yellow or gold is added to the soundings. In either pale textured yellow or 24 karat gold leaf. Using an energy efficient natural sunshine and Dimmable T8 fluorescent bulb

060812-DI12015VB-PROP_Page_22 060812-DI12015VB-PROP_Page_24Sorry Giotto –  Catellani & Smith
Ron Gilad La Linea – Alpha, Beta And Gamma Lamp
Wall mounted light fitting with indirect light. Injection molded diffuser in methacrylate with photo-engraved internal finish. The diffuser is fixed to the body by a nickel-plated neodymium magnet. The head is cast aluminium alloy.
The wall attachment is injection molded in NYLON PA 6.6 white 20% fibreglass. The rose is in cast aluminium alloy. The body is in die cast zinc alloy covering passivated copper element. The feed for the LEDs is located within the rose. The head can be rotated 45° on its vertical axis. The components are finished with a spray paint. The paint is water-based and therefore eco-friendly.

009. 20120806 research

060812-DI12015VB-PROP_Page_23” This is a decorative LED lamp inspired by the Heracleum plant. By using the technique of coating conductive layers, the lamp is very thin and delicate. That’s the description from Moooi, for Heracleum lighting which designed by Bertjan Pot. See how beautiful this…”